Six fables are represented by an artefact and illustrations. Each of them telling a true story. It is only the world which has been recreated around these historic events. Where the border between fact and fiction lies, remains unknown, open for speculation.

They’re not proposals but alternative realities and speculations, creating worlds, which already started to be.

A graphic representation of a spacial installation proposal.

Several rows of a daily object funded on the same rules and similarities, yet different and unique. Some functional, some fictional, some fantastic.

Prospects of a chair is meant to visualize the possibilities and strength of digital prototyping and manufacturing.
TheHamsterProject is a performance using a series of hacked gadgets and devices to adapt human behaviour to a specific pet, enforcing its circadian cycle onto its owner. This can be used to increase your own daily efficiency, using the advantage lifestyles of specific animals. At the same time a space is created, which inherits a shift of power, pushing the human in a position of obedience.

Modern city life is only marginally related to the actual daily routine our bodies evolved for. Hunting and gathering are no longer primary professions, but the allocation of our days only changed marginally. Specific jobs need only short times of full concentration, allowing long times of regeneration, while others only offer small regular times to relax instead of a single long term. Different animals are adapted to specific routine ,that might suit specific professions a lot better than the human one does.

in collaboration with: Zoe Hughes & Stephanie Bickford-Smith
Electronic gadgets and machines became the major species on our planet. They work without sleep, never complain and don't get sick. They seem dominant to biological life in almost every aspect.

A visual research of a new form of epidemic, rebUgging the inside of your computer during this short film.
Balance is a critical datavisualisation based on the world survey's questions "Would xou pay higher taxes, if it would improve the environment directly" and "Do you want your government to invest in environmental protection". Balance deals with the contradiction of demand and the willingness to invest some of your own potential effort. As long as both factors stay in an equal state the balance is given, in case of domination of one it tilts toward one side. Both groups are represented by a quarter, their specific radius reflects the specific percentage of people who are willing to invest and who demand improvement.

Depending on the countries state of mind, starting from the same line, the countries head either towards the edge or the safety of the wall.

in collaboration with: Jessica Morgan & Paul Stawenow
Mapped by time is a proposition for a new carthografic image of germany. A map showing a world, which is no more about the physical position of a place, but the time needed, to reach this point. Time becomes the most valuable good of the traveller, who's moving,point by point, towards his destination, without occupying the space he passes through. Just as the physical space of reality looses its meaning, this happens inside the media as well. It's not one image of the world but many. The distances to each other is the true position of each city. Limited to a small amount of time, the map takes place in, resembling the current state of travel possibilities.

Mapped by time is no final solution for a new kind of map. It's the description of a process, brought to several media. Expectations how it may be. A system of rules used, to create your own map of your own time frame and place, questioning the current system of mapping.
In Between is an installation in a former industrial complex dealing with the topic of temporary structuring and shaping physical space.

Seventeen white walls, parting the room leaving a dynamic field of visibility and disguise. Moving shadows of the inherited performance innervate the installation as the walls begin to turn and change their appearance constantly, shaping new geometrical forms, opening new paths and glades.

This enforces the audience not only to watch, but to move and discover the different perspectives and images produced by the play.

in collaboration with: Jonas Otto & David Friedrich
Farbenlehre is meant to teach the basic structures of the RGB color system and the correlation of mixed colors to each other in an experimental and playful way. Complementing regular artistic education based on the regular paint and the subtractive color system.

The interface is meant to be the device itself without the usage of buttons or displays, younger children can place the colored blocks on top of the object and observe the result. With autonomous play in mind, all the electronics and mechanisms are stored in a single block of natural finished wood, leaving no gaps or possible cracks.

in collaboration with: Jonas Otto & Dennis Siegel & Henrik Nieratschker
the addiction of mankind to its technology and electric devices became part of common sense during last years in most people's mind.but do we notice this behavior on ourselves as well as on others or the society as an entity?
this philosophical device is meant not to stress the moments of addiction, but the rare occasions of deprivation by translating it into an actual, physical perception. a struggling grip around the wrist becomes an eternal shackle, tightening in moments of electronic isolation. Well knowing of being technology itself, the carrying specimen becomes bound to its electronic companions by this "homeopathic" device. this device recalls the personal behavior into the carriers mind, giving them the ability to reflect themselves and using the gadget's programming to withdraw from their former behavior in a more conscious way. aiming for a constant lowering of their regular "doses" of technological interaction.
Nearness is a philosophical device storing the nature of a human touch. Connecting two caring people, which are separated by time and/or space, not able to share the intimate reception of the other one's contact.

Reactive to the human touch, the orb notices and stores the amount of time it's been hold in hands.By a gentle glow from within, it's indicating its loaded status. In the moment of reactivation a gentle warmth releases from within the orb, sharing the stored touch which has been left inside. Remaining for the equivalent time it's been loaded with. Not only the warmth itself, but the effort is used to connect the two individuals. The time you're willing to spend with this device in both hands and your beloved in mind, indicates the strength of the stored reception within the orb.

festspielhaus hellerau, dresden, 2012
technologyAddiction, Nearness

vlow! international senior award
festspielhaus, bregenz, 2012

best of hfk
wilhelm wagenfeld haus, bremen, 2012
farbenlehre, inBetween

london, 2013

published works

Information in Style, Beijing
Asian Design Publication Project

Form 249, Germany
Widerhall aus der Wolke - signature of the digital
prospects of a chair

flash development, animation, graphics,
exhibition design

summer 2013
intel collaborative research institute
design intern
experimental interaction concepts & prototyping

imperial college london
student design tutor
iGem competition 2013



2007 - 2009
b.i.b. international college
media design - print and web
educational training

2009 - 2012
university of the arts
digital media
Bachelor of Arts

2012 - june 2014
royal college of art
design interactions
Master of Art